True Nirvana

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kegger in the St. Tom's Basement!

That's a line I never thought I'd hear myself say. Calm down it's just root beer. Since 10:30am this has been one of the best 24 hour periods of my life. Went to daily mass, had lunch w/ the youth group, found out I've been chosen to be one of the 5 leaders for the next PCE (purdue christ encounter) retreat, I signed up for living with antioch house (basically the closest thing to a catholic frat living literally above the church next year), had my LAST physics lab, watched The Passion of Christ, had Taco Bell, went to the Keggeroke (karaoke with a kegger of root beer), and tomorrow there's breakfast club (which hopefully our t-shirts have come in). @ the keggeroke I sang a few songs w/ people but the best was when 5 of us guys dressed up like women & sang oops I did it again by britney spears (I had a dress on w/ a pillow under it to make me look pregnant).

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Hmm whatever happened to this blog having controversial topics? Here's a couple I guess I'll throw out there before I get started: Evolution = Real, is the new immigration law a good thing? (if an illegal immigrant lives in the US for 2 years they're made legal, so if they can avoid the cops for 2 years they're fine).
So anywho last night was pretty crazy. We had a charity walk called the relay for life going on in a huge field at Purdue. It's a way to raise money for the fight against cancer through pledges. There were tents everywhere with a live band, pizza, & fun games like root beer pong, some weird gladiator thing (see picture),
& tug o' war. It sorta looked like the quititch tourney from the latest harry potter movie. In the center though there was a track lined with luminaries with the names of cancer patients written on them. (Some of them burned up so uhh symbolically I don't even want to imagine what that means) It was really fun except for the fact that it was 20 freaking degrees out last night. I had like 4 layers on & I was still barely hanging on. I felt really bad for the guys doing the miss relay pageant (which is a bunch of guys dressed up as women collecting money from random people for the charity) One of them was wearing a mini-skirt (which is one of the most nauseating things I've ever seen). Anywho stayed from 11pm to 5am walked from 2am-4am (well in proportion to Zoltar 9 we did anyway). Got to know my youth group a lot better & had lots o' fun. So uhh yeah...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Post To End All Posts

Ok here's a summary of the awesome stuff that've happened in the past week. Wednesday was a Super Smash Bro's tourney, me & my partner came in second (we were soooooo close). I went on a PCE (Purdue Christ Encounter) retreat over the weekend was insanely awesome, with many much spiritualnessity. T'was very thought provoking, making you think about your faith a lot more than antioch ever did but it was missing a certain je ne sais quoi that only Antioch has ever accomplished (well that and the praise & worship was awful did I mention Lou & Becky were geniuses?). Today I joined the insanely awesome group P.U.M.P. (Purdue University Mass Posse). We go to daily mass whenever our schedules permit & we go out to lunch afterwards. Sadly though that's only 2 days during the week for me. Just got back from a Computer Science exam which is basically a bunch of trick questions combined with easy C programing language. I've joined up in a warhammer 40k tourney that my roommate Bill started & I'm playing the guy on thursday with an army I created from Bill's stuff + proxies for what I didn't have. He's played a worse version of this army 5 times and has lost horribly each I blame Magic for preparing me so well for this nerdish game. Can't wait to see y'all this easter.
Peace! yppikS (that's right I can do it too)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

South Bend is No Longer Safe!

South Bend shall be quarantined until further notice, and for those unfortunate enough to be unable to escape this doomed town follow 3 simple steps and your inevitable death shouldn't be too gruesome. 1. Keep all flammable objects (especially children) locked up tight. 2. Wear Camo & Kevlar at all times (even while bathing). 3. Give Skippy all of your money. Markus has an air-soft gun. I don't know exactly how he obtained this spring loaded object of death but know this... no one is safe (except for chuck norris of course). Oh speaking of which we're shooting a Chuck Norris parody for no reason one of these days & we're doing something on thursday that I can't say... I'll tell everyone after we do it & post some pictures.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Marian Jedi Knights

Considering I am now Marian alumni I think I should have a say in the school's future. We need to change Marian's mascot from the knight to the jedi knight. I mean we already have brothers who are dressed like jedi knights wandering around Marian as though they're protecting it. Secondly how cool would it be at sporting events? We've got a guy with a robe & a lightsaber on our side and St. Joe has what? an indian? I can imagine a jedi deflecting tomahawks with his lightsaber and it makes me oddly happy inside. They can even change Marian's generic school theme song to Weird Al's "Jedi Knight". So far I'm a Warrior Falcon Knight Boilermaker & I only wish that I could've added jedi to that list.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Your Toast is Burnt and no Amount of Scraping Will Remove the Black Parts...

I start my job tomorrow morning working in one of the dining courts. I hear it's a good job, bad pay but I have a few friends workin there already so it shouldn't be too bad. I think Bill (my roomate) & I are gonna join the Kendo club at purdue. Kendo is japanese swordsmanship & all around way of the samurai. It sounds pretty cool sorta like fencing but with wooden swords.

I'm gonna talk to Ben Modlin tomorrow to see what's up with the march for life. It's sorta late notice but I've missed the last few purdue youth group meetings so I dunno what's goin on w/ them. I hope I can go down & hang w/ Antioch & Stuebie for at least a little while.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Purdue Engineering - Where Your Best Hasn't Been Good Enough Since 1874.

This post is dedicated to the 3 greatest inventions for the lazy person's life.

The greatest invention of all time is likely the handicap door button. There are 3 reasons for this: 1. It's a button... what more reason do you need? 2. You don't have to exert the energy to open the door yourself. 3. You get that warm fuzzy feeling for opening the door for the next few people to come in. Not only that but it's a more humble way of offering to open the door for them. No thanks is required and they have no idea that they are part of the reason that you pressed that button. I know what you are probably thinking right now, and the answer is no. Using the handicap door buttons for your own personal use is nothing like parking in a handicap parking spot. By pressing said handicap button you are helping any handicapped people behind you as well.

The second greatest invention is most definitely the scientific calculator. This single invention has made the majority of my mathematical education thus far nearly pointless. The only reason I'd ever have to learn how to hand graph the equation y=2x^4+23x^2+9x+11 is if I don't have a scientific calculator on hand. Now I don't know about you but I'd rather carry a calculator around with me for the rest of my life than wasting as many countless hours as I have learning math just in case.

Lastly but not leastly is ducktape. This is a multipurpose tool for fixing just about anything. What the lock on your door is broken? Well ducktape the door shut. You need a new wallet? Just make one out of ducktape. You're building a house but you're out of nails? Well ducktape the 2x4's together. You see ducktape can fix anything at little effort.